2 May


You use a word without understanding it’s meaning


War is responsible for terrible things

War is not about ideas

A corpse lying in a field, is real


A dead person …… lying on his back

The legs folded beneath him, arms outstretched

And he is alone

His skin was wax-white

That is not a color

War has no colors

Only the color of dirt

Blood is not red as in pictures

It is red brown and dirty


Have you ever seen a wound ?

The human body is open where it should not be open

It’s obscene

Before they die, some of the wounded, they cry, vomit and let everything run

A dead body stinks !

The stinking bodies lying there after the attack

This is not how things should be

It is not normal that a man lies there like that

Not normal

Like a spot in the field

You would think it is the manure left there by the farmer

When you get closer … you see that it is a human form

That is not natural

His mouth is full of ground and dirt

You should put some ground in your mouth

To understand what War really means

A dialogue from the inspiring movie: Saint-Germain ou la négociation


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  1. sylvaine vaucher May 4, 2012 at 9:14 am #

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