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The Modern Jungle Of Diversity

13 Oct

You’ve said to me we failed

Failed in democracy

The modern jungle of diversity

It was too much for me

But what can we do

Ignoring my existence

As a vague presence of minority

Although, the price of tax

But have no right because of

Because of, despite

My house

My love

And family

Friendly neighbours who don’t judge over me

Schoolteachers who are fond of me

My feet on the ground

Walking in the footsteps

Of my ancestors

Who told me

Don’t be afraid

When times get rough

And this preach of injustice

Arrives at your kitchen

Open your eyes and door, and welcome me

Conquer the hate with love, and be proud of your humanity



Written by Corina Karstenberg © 2016


Volgelingen creëren stromingen

10 Jul

In de politieke arena is er sprake van dat links|rechts principes in elkaar overvloeien In de publieke arena wijst het volk naar elkaar || Volgelingen creëren stromingen

Because they have Democracy they don’t know how valuable it is

1 Mar

Beauty of Democracy

14 Jan

The Beauty of Democracy is: We Can Live Together Despite Our Differences